Desperation Is Not Sexy

How To Avoid Being Desperate So You Can Attract Women, Customers, And Success Do you feel nervous or desperate when you want to go speak with a woman? How about in sales or dealing with clients and customers? No matter what area of life, let’s face it. Desperation is not sexy. It doesn’t work. Join Dr. Aziz in today’s powerful episode, where he will guide you through letting go of desperation so you can approach anyone from a place of relaxed confidence. Click below to hear this episode! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 29:27 — 41.3MB) | Embed Learn to Let Go of Desperation Hey, welcome to today’s episode of the show.  My name is Dr. Aziz and today we’re going to dive into something that will really help you in all areas of life, especially in your dating life, in your relationship (if you are already in a relationship), also in business, sales and friendship and this applies in all areas of life. Today is about desperation.  The name of the show today is: Desperation is not Sexy.  We are going to explore what desperation is, where it comes from, how it shows up for you and how to break free from it, how to let it go – all with a spirit and a sense of curiosity and compassion.  Hands down I find that the word has got such a negative connotation, such a negative association, no one wants to be seen as that, we all have shame if we feel it or show it.  We want to explore it though because it could...
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