How to Handle Mistakes

  Discover How To Let The Past Go And Feel More Confident About The Future How do you feel when you make a mistake? Does the idea make you cringe? Or are you ok with it? Are you relaxed and confident in yourself, knowing that mistakes are a part of life? Better yet, do you see the power of mistakes and know how to use them to help you learn and grow faster than the rest? In today’s show, you’re going to discover how to embrace mistakes and use them to gain even more momentum towards greater self-confidence and success. Click below to hear this episode! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 31:06 — 29.3MB) | Embed Do You Handle Mistakes Well? Hey there. Welcome to another episode of today’s show. I’m glad you could join me. And though this is your first one or your 50th one but I’m always excited to be here, always excited to record these and excited to engage with you in this way and to offer you a way out, a way out of wherever you are in your life. Maybe you’re feeling stuck in some way, maybe you’re doubting yourself, maybe you have this thing where you criticize the hell out of yourself in your head and no one knows it and you kind of look okay on the outside that’s how I was for many years. And you want to be more free of that. You want to feel happier in your life. You want to like yourself more. You want to feel more confident. And whatever you want...
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