7 Ways To Enjoy Being More Social

How To Let Go Of Worry And Enjoy Talking To Anyone With Confidence Do you enjoy being social? Is it fun, engaging, absorbing, and energizing? Or do you dread it, avoid it, endure it, or get through it with great effort, feeling drained afterwards? It might not be your personality or that you’re introverted, or whatever you’re telling yourself. It might just be that you’re doing it all wrong. Today you’re going to learn 7 powerful ways to break through so you can enjoy social interactions on a whole new level – for friendships, relationships, networking, business and anything else. Click below to hear this episode! http://traffic.libsyn.com/shrinkfortheshyguy/Shrink-For-The-Shy-Guy-Episode-068-7-Ways-To-Enjoy-Being-More-Social.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 28:06 — 26.6MB) | Embed  Are you doing it all wrong, being social doesn’t have to be so frustrating! Hey! Welcome to today’s episode of the show. Today, we’re going to be getting into 7 ways to enjoy being more social and this is incredibly more important because either we’re scared of it and we avoid it and we don’t do it or we can all of the people that I talked to kind of force themselves to be more social but they don’t enjoy it. And then there is this kind of catch 22 a bad place like caught between two bad options, right? Either I avoid it and I’m lonely and I don’t have a life that I want or I go out there and I do it but then I’m drained and I’m not really enjoying it, so what’s the point? And that’s sort of the other two options and I want...
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