How To Choose Confidence with Jason Goldberg

The Secret To Creating Lasting Confidence In Any Area Of Your Life Do you realize that how you feel, how you react to life, and how you show up to situations are all choices? So often, it can feel like life, events, and even our own feelings are just happening to us. Join Dr. Aziz as he interviews world-renowned speaker and coach, Jason Goldberg, who helps us see that everything is a decision. Find out how you can choose to show up however you want to in order to create more confidence, better relationships, and ultimately a better life for yourself. Click below to hear this episode! Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:17:47 — 72.1MB) | Embed Show Notes Click here to learn more about Jason Goldberg  (JG for short) and how he has impacted so many as  a transformational speaker, life architect and leadership / business coach. Life is About Choices…Your Confidence is One of Them Welcome to today’s episode of the show. Today we’re going to be diving into choice and freedom and decisions. I mean really powerful stuff because I mean at the end of the day, let me step back here. You probably want to be more free. If you’re listening to this show if you’re listening to any of these you know it’s all about how do we become more socially free, more socially liberated, more confident so we can do whatever we want whether you want to be able to talk to people more or just feel about yourself, more confident or walk into a room like a badass or be able...
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