How To Eliminate Self Doubt

Eliminate self doubt

Live With Complete Confidence And Certainty In Yourself

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  • Do you doubt yourself?
  • Do you agonize over small and large choices?
  • Do you replay conversations and evaluate whether you “did it right”?

If so, you have to listen to this episode.

Inside, Dr. Aziz shares cutting edge tools and strategies from his life and those of his clients to eliminate doubt and activate complete confidence and certainty in yourself.

Trust The Process

Trust The Process

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Upgrade Your Friendships


Your Hidden Source Of Absolute Confidence

Top Secret

How To Access To Instantly Access Your Inner Confidence

Did you know you already have a wealth of confidence inside of you? It’s just waiting to be unleashed…

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Join Dr. Aziz as he guides you to your hidden source of confidence so you can approach any area of life with power and freedom.

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Top 5 Insights From My UDC Weekend



Life-Changing Breakthroughs From A Dating Confidence Seminar

Join Dr. Aziz as he reveals the five biggest breakthroughs and insights that participants in his Unlimited Dating Confidence seminar experienced. You’ll learn first-hand what happened, and how people were able to rapidly shed fear and perfectionism. Discover how to freely and boldly be yourself so you can attract the women you really want

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Hey everybody! Welcome to today’s episode of the show. How are you doing today? So, what we’re going to be talking about today are my top five insights of my Unlimited Dating Confidence Bootcamp weekend. We just had one recently here in Portland, Oregon. It was awesome. It was a great group. There was about 25 people there, plus about three people on my leadership team. It was great. It was a big group but it was a very intimate and small setting so we could really interact and get to know each other and answer tons of questions and just really see people progress over the course of three days. My favorite thing that I do, probably at this point, is teaching those events. What I love about it is being able to see real-time progress. But what I also love is how much I learn. Because I’m a life-long learner. I’m perpetually learning. I can’t stop learning. It’s different from reading a book or taking something in. There are just so many distinctions I make. From answering questions, from hearing from people what they share, and from seeing things. It’s super exciting, and I wanted to capture the top five insights that I had from this experience while they’re fresh before I forget them and share them with you because for whatever reason you couldn’t be there. Maybe you didn’t even know of me at that time. Or you are super far away. Although we had people from out of the country come. Or you thought about it and then you’re like, “Oh, that sounds so scary and uncomfortable. I’ll pass.” Well, catch me on the next one. We’ll have our next event in March of 2017.

Let’s dive into these five insights from the weekend. This was all about Unlimited Dating Confidence. I want you to think about your own dating confidence right now, your own dating life. And here’s the thing: The technical name of the weekend, if I were to give it a more accurate title, would be: The Ultimate Dating and Relationship Confidence Bootcamp. Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue in the same way but this stuff is key for all relationships. And if you want to meet someone, whether you just want to have a one-night-stand or you actually want to create a relationship with that person, you’re going to need what we went over. And I’m going to share these insights. We had a few people there that are actually married. They’re in my Mastermind program and they wanted to come to the event and they said, “Is it going to be good for me because I’m already married?” And I said, “Yes, your wife will thank you.” Because we talked a lot about activating the most powerful, mature version of you as a man. I think that goes extremely well in relationships. So let’s dive into these five insights from the weekend.

The first one. Oh, by the way, if you’re enjoying this show, by all means, please go to iTunes or the podcast app on your phone or wherever you found this and give it a review. And share with other people if you’re enjoying this because that helps me reach people. My goal is to reach those people who are at home, alone and kind of at the end of their rope. They’re like, “Nothing, nothing will help.” Those are the people I want to find because I was one of those people. That’s part of my mission. So, that would really help me carry out my mission. So if you’re benefiting from what I do and you want to support me, I would super appreciate that. Thank you. Also, go to if you want to ask me a question that I can answer in Ask A Shrink. So, let’s go to those insights.

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3 Keys To Confidence In Dating & Relationships

3 Keys To Confidence In Dating & Relationships

Early-Bird Tickets on sale now for Dr. Aziz’s upcoming LIVE Event –

The Unlimited Dating Confidence Bootcamp. Tickets are limited and this event will sell out. Click here to get more information and claim your spot today.
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What is your outlook on your dating life?  Do you have a positive vision of relationships?  Or are you in a place where you don’t really believe you can be happy with someone?

  • Do you believe that relationships start off great but you eventually fall out of love?
  • Do you have a preconceived idea that you start off in love but after awhile you will be in a MEH place where you just feel MEEH!
  • Maybe you keep telling yourself that everyone else can find true love but it’s just not in the cards for you.

Whatever it is that you are telling yourself YOU NEED TO START HAVING A COMPELLING FUTURE VISION FOR YOUR LOVE LIFE and we are going to help you do that in today’s episode.
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Hey welcome today’s episode of the show. Today is all about love and relationships and in fact it’s going to be the three keys to confidence in this area of your life so if you don’t feel confidence in your love life, definitely it is in this episode. We can feel insecure or unsure of ourselves or doubting or anxious about this area of our lives for many different reasons. We’re going to dive into the three most powerful things that you can do starting right now to have a lot more confidence in this area whether you’re single and you want to meet someone or maybe you’re already in a relationship or already dating but you don’t feel as confident as you want to. Or maybe you’re feeling discouraged or down or maybe this is the not the right person for me.

Maybe I’ll never find the right one and any sort of doubt or insecurity, all of that we’re going to clean up and help you get a lot more confidence in yourself in this area of dating and relationships. We’re doing a little series around this month because in well it just started yesterday. Actually, the early bird tickets for my upcoming live event in October of this year October 20th through 22nd it’s called, ‘Unlimited dating and relationship confidence’. It is going to be happening in October 20th through 22nd in Portland Oregon and the early bird tickets just went on sale yesterday. You definitely want to check that out if you’ve been considering about coming to a live event now is the time because [chuckles] pretty much any area of life, doesn’t get better unless we really address it and face it but especially our love lives. We just kind of wish and hope that it will get better but it doesn’t and we might just say well I just got to find someone else or find the right person.

Partner selection and compatibility is important, it’s huge. If we have patterns of insecurity and fear and self-doubt and anxiety that hold us back, we’re going to bring them. If you meet the next person we’re going to do the same things as we did with the person before whether it’s pleasing them too much, not saying no or maybe just not even starting the relation because we’re too scared to go talk to them. In any case, I highly recommend investing in the time to get out here. I know you got to fly out here if you’re not local and invest in the ticket although they’re half off to the early birds so that’s pretty sweet. I know it’s a commitment and when we’re committed to something and we’re willing to do what it takes, we transform quickly. You can go to ‘ to get your early bird tickets. That’s to get your ticket.

You can also go to which is my website, and there’s an events tab on that page the top there so just click on events you’ll see that, event click on it and you can get access to the early bird. Not sure if there is an exact room size on this one, the last one sold out though the room is totally full. We probably had about I think it was like 38 or 40 participants at the last one something like that so we’ll see if one is with something similar. If you’re on the fence of considering it now is the time to do it because you’ll be sure you get a spot and you’ll also get a ticket for half off for the early bird special.

Let’s talk about you and how to have confidence in love and relationships. Here’s the first one, first key tip, having a compelling future vision. This one is so important because most people unfortunately have some idea, someone I know had this for many years, an idea in the back of our heads which goes something like this; relationships are not going to go well eventually for some reason. Check with yourself right now. See if you feel that somewhere just a sense of that. Either maybe they– see what your story is. Here are some of the common ones, see if it resonates with you. One is; maybe they start great and everyone’s all in love but then you fall out of love then you fight a lot and you break up. Or there’s this belief that it’s like, “Yeah, well you can’t.” Even if you fall in love and it’s amazing and you don’t break up, you just kind of ‘me’ after a while.


Then you’re like roommates (05.06), being friends; it’s nice but it’s not hot, there’s no passion. It’s just kind of like ‘me’ so that’s another common (05.16) or worse. You’re kind of distant and you kind of just lead your own lives and you do your thing and they do their thing and you kind of don’t want to see each other that much and sort of complain about each other to your friends. “Oh! Your ball-and-chain; he wants me to do this.” Maybe that’s what your vision is somewhere in the unconscious part of your mind or– this is almost getting into the second key for confidence but I’ll see if I can explain it without sharing what the second key is. Or perhaps for some reason you don’t think you can have what you want in relationships, maybe you think it’s possible for other people to have a lasting fulfilling relationship but not you and so in your mind you’re going to end up settling.

You kind of have it already written on the wall like, “Yeah I’m going to settle, they’re not going to be great but that’s what I can get and it probably won’t be that fulfilling.” But yeah you know better than nobody. Are any of these ringing any bells for you? Because all of them are shit [chuckles], they’re trash. We got to throw them out. It’s garbage, isn’t it? This is like depressing, it’s limiting and it is not true. We need to find. You need to create a compelling future vision for your relationship. What you really, really want. What you’re excited about. Forget for a minute about what’s possible, what would juice you, what would excite you, what would compel you to move forward, to put yourself out there, to take risks, to open up your heart, to do what it takes to create a relationship because the truth is; it is scary it to put yourself out there. Maybe that first moment of walking over to someone you don’t know and starting a conversation, they can reject you. Maybe you think that’s terrifying but guess what’s even scarier after you’ve gone on that second date or your third date or whatever, just being a 100% you.

Being yourself and then let’s say you start to fall in love with them. Let’s say you really, really like them and then all of a sudden one day you’re at home by yourself and you’re like, “Holy shit! I love them. Oh! My God. It’s too soon to say that. I can’t say that, that’s crazy. That’s bad, I better keep that to myself.” But you know it, you know what I’m talking about. There’s like this excitement, this joy, this energy just– did they text you back? Did they text you back? You’re kind of freaking out and checking your phone 85 times a day but you don’t show them that of course because that makes you look insane. So keep it together, keep it cool but inside you’re wondering, you’re excited; it’s all this energy. Guess what, then it gets even scarier because now you got something on the line, you got some skin in the game and you know if they all of a sudden after the fourth or fifth date they’re like, “You know, I just don’t feel that way about you.” Or, “It’s okay but I’m not that into you.” You know that it’s going to fucking hurt and same if you go even deeper and you both fall in love.

There’s a part of you it’s like really excited but another party it is like, “Oh! My gosh. I can get hurt so bad.”

Especially if you have past experiences of getting hurt; having someone end a relationship with you or worse cheat on you. That’s why we need to create a compelling future vision that’s going to help us get through all the scary stuff. Because yes it’s scary but man it’s worth it and life can be magnified a thousand-fold by having an incredible relationship. In fact let me show that to you. When something amazing happens in your life; something in your career, you have a breakthrough, you have an awesome experience or maybe you just go do something really fun and you– what’s one of the first things you want to do? You got the news, you got the promotion or you got the job; what is one of the first things you want to do? That’s right, you want to pick up the phone and tell someone. You want to text some people. It’s relationship. It magnifies the experience. It grows in your life. There’s great value, there is great meaning, there’s great fulfillment in it but we need have a compelling future vision of what it is.

Let me ask you this, would you ultimately want? If you could any kind of relationship that you wanted and forget about if it’s possible or if you deserve it or any of that BS; what would be amazing to experience? Think about that for a minute. For me it was I want to be with someone who is– who not only meets me but exceeds me because I like to think a lot of stuff and read ideas and share. I remember I would date women and some of them would just like couldn’t talk about me with psychology or any of the stuff I was learning at all and that wasn’t a very good fit long term. But some women could kind of, “Oh! Yeah that’s an interesting idea; thanks for sharing it.” And they could kind of follow but I wanted someone who could hear what I was saying like, “Oh! Yeah that reminds me this other idea.” Or “Oh! I read this in the book.” I wanted someone who’s like really smart and had to be a lifelong learner.

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I’m Not Here To Please You

I’m Not Here To Please You

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Jumpstart Your Love Life Now


Where are you at in your love life?


If you are SINGLE…you are either




If you are in a RELATIONSHIP  then you are




Welcome to today’s episode of the show. How are you today? How’s your love life? That’s what we’re here to talk about. How to jumpstart your love life now and as you listen to this episode and reflect on your own love life, probably starting to do that already just by me saying love life that means dating relationships; your romantic life. We’re going to reflect on that today together. We’re going to help you see how you can jump-start it. How you can get it moving. Now before you maybe turn this off or pause it because it stirs up something uncomfortable, stick with me. Because staying comfortable in life and seeking comfort and being unwilling to experience any sort of discomfort is actually what gets us into trouble in the first place. It’s a huge piece of social anxiety. It’s a huge piece of low confidence or low self-esteem and it’s the biggest contributing factor to not having the life that we want. It is being unwilling to experience discomfort so as you listen to me in this episode.

If you feel a little bit uncomfortable you’re like, “Yeah I don’t know if I like that. This is not going the way I want it to in my love life. Facing that here with me is going to be the key to helping you get to the other side so with that little disclaimer, let’s dive in. Let me ask you again how’s your love life? Where are you at? Are you satisfied with it? Are you fulfilled with it? Are you struggling with it? Just notice what’s the first kind of couple things that just pop into your head as I say that and then where you’re at. I think there are only four areas. I was thinking about this before I recorded this. I think there’re really only four areas. In fact there’re only really two categories. This is going to be simple. We’re going to break this down here know exactly where you’re at. You’re either single or you’re in a relationship. The only two set options that I see here you’re either single or you’re in a relationship.

You might say, “But hold on a second, I’m dating someone kind of but I’m not sure if I’m with them or not.” In your mind you know. You either see yourself as like, “Yeah I’m single and we’re just dating and you know probably that’s not going to go very far but it’s fun.” In your mind you’re single; you might not tell them that but maybe you could [chuckles] get into that later. Or maybe you’re dating multiple people and you might see yourself as in relationships. Maybe you’re into poly-armory or something. You’re dating a couple of people and you see those as actual relationships now that might not be permanent or they might not be someone here and spend them you know the rest of your life with or they might not be monogamous but I see that could be relationship. Your being in relationship with those people so you’re either single or you’re in a relationship. Let’s start with that distinction; where are you? Are you single? Are you in a relationship or relationships? If your answer is complicated, you’re probably in some sort of relationship [chuckles]. Okay good, so we got that or with me so far; single or in a relationship.

The next thing is, there’re only two places you can be in each of those categories. See how simple we’re making this. If you’re single, there’s only two places you can be; you are single and struggling in some way or you’re single and at peace and in a relationship there’s only two places you can be; you’re either in a relationship and in some sort of pain or you’re in a relationship and you’re thriving. Those are the only core options that I see. Where are you? Are you single right now but feeling at peace about it? That means let’s break these down; I’m going to give you a little more description of each of these so you can kind of see where you’re at.

Let’s say you’re single right now but maybe you’re at peace with that, you feel good about that and so what that would look like is you are happy with yourself, you feel good about yourself, you feel like you could be in a relationship if you wanted to be you, you value yourself, you value what you bring into relationships, you are interested and engaged in different things in your life, your life feels full engaging dynamic, has purpose, has meaning, has friends, has connections and maybe you want a relationship. Maybe you’re open to a relationship and there’s not this like desperate, throbbing, aching, “I need this right now to feel okay. I’m incomplete. I suck.” “Like you don’t have that you’re just like, “Yeah I know life is good and sure I’ll be with someone at some point when I find that person and I feel ready and until then let’s keep enjoying this. This is good. I’m at peace.” That’s one place.

Lord knows when I was single I did not spend much time there. I did find my way there at times but I spent most of my time in the second category of single. Just single and struggling and there’s all different ways [chuckles] we could struggle but one of the ones that I was referencing earlier is just you’re not feeling at peace, you’re craving, you’re longing, you’re like, “Aaaah! I just don’t have anyone that I miss. I’m lonely. I need someone.” There’s a particular flavor struggling that I had for a long time which is, if you knew I was just talking about this with a client the other day, if you knew that within a year from today you were going to be in an amazing relationship with the love of your life. Like just you knew it somehow, we could have total certainty that that was going to happen, how would you feel about right now and the course for this next year?

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If It’s Uncomfortable, Do It


If it's uncomfortable, do it.

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Hey, welcome to today’s episode of the show. How are you today? How are you doing? Are you feeling excited about life? Excited about your future? Of what you’ve got going on today, this week, this month? Or maybe you’re feeling kind of neutral? Sort of, “Blah.” Or maybe you’re feeling discouraged? Maybe you’re feeling frustrated? Maybe you’re feeling, “The same shit keeps happening everyday and I’m stuck and I can’t break free. Something’s wrong with me.” Wherever you are, that’s okay.

Welcome, you’re in the right place because I think that as we can grow in our confidence, which is all about what we’re doing here, breaking free of patterns that make us feel anxious, self-critical, self-doubting, and to really show up more boldly, more fully, more freely, then life just gets a lot better. It doesn’t mean you don’t have ups and downs or challenges or things that come out of left field and mess with you or cause fear, or anything like that. It just means that, in general, you feel more powerful in your life, you feel more capable, you feel like you can actually enjoy the things that are going well. Maybe you already have some things that are going well. Maybe you’re in a great relationship. Maybe you have a great job. Maybe your health is good right now. Yet when we’re stuck, when we’re feeling trapped, when we feel like we just can’t be comfortable in our own skin and just be ourselves in certain situations, then it’s just hard to appreciate that stuff.

So my goal here, for this episode, and really for all episodes in this show is for you to get to that place of more confidence, more freedom, and ultimately being more of you. Today is really going to help you with that. Today, in fact, is actually the most direct path to you being you. The title of this episode is: If it’s uncomfortable, do it. That’s what we’re going to talk about today.

If you’re enjoying the show, please go to iTunes, or wherever you found it, and give it a five star review. That would be awesome. I’d much appreciate that. You can also go to and check out show notes there and any links that I mention on the episodes, as well as ask me a question. You could send me a message through there, either audio or like an email. I get those and I can answer those. If you have a question for me, you can get my unique perspective on it in an Ask The Shrink bonus episode, which we have semi-regularly now. So, check that out at

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Unusual Cures For Social Anxiety #3 ­ Ayahuasca

Unusual Cures For Social Anxiety

Surprising Ways To Overcome Social Anxiety And Gain Confidence

In this episode Dr. Aziz shares about his experiences with the South American psychoactive tea, Ayahuasca. You will learn more about what this experience is like, and how it helped Dr. Aziz continue to face fear and gain even higher levels of confidence.

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Hey! Welcome to another episode of Shrink for The Shy Guy. I’m Dr. Aziz, and if you would like to go deeper in the show go to You can find show notes. You can ask me questions there that I’ll respond to in the Ask The Shrink segments that I do. And also, you can get a copy of my ebook for free, which is Five Steps to Unleash Your Inner Confidence. That is full of specific steps that you can take right now to systematically build your confidence in any area of your life. That’s a great book to get started with that will really guide you. Maybe you downloaded it a long time ago, go back and re-read it. You just might find that there are certain things you’re doing and maybe certain things you forgot about. I had people tell me, “I went back and I never realized this when I read the third step.” So, check it out. That can really help you. Go to

Today’s episode is the third in the series called Unusual Cures for Social Anxiety. This is unusual cure for social anxiety number three, and this is all about Ayahuasca. Oh yes. It’s something you might have heard of or something you might not have heard of and I’m excited to share more with you. I am going to put the caveat on this one because it is a controlled substance. In some states it’s legal. In Oregon it happens to be legal. That’s where I live. But in many other states it is illegal and it’s a substance. So I need to put my disclaimer here. Which is that: this is in no way me operating as a psychologist prescribing anything that’s going to be intended to treat any psychological condition. This is purely for educational entertainment purposes only and this is purely about my own experiences and what I’ve seen in others. It is in no way condoning you to do anything illegal or to ingest anything of any kind. That is totally up to you and at your own discretion and you should consult with your own doctor, lawyer, pope, and anyone else who could make decisions for you. There. Having said that, “Go drink Ayahuasca, man!” No. Here’s just some stuff that might open your mind or give you some insight into some experiences that really helped me.

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