What Is Social Anxiety?

  Shyness And Social Anxiety – What’s The Difference? And most importantly – how do we break free? Join us for the first episode of the show to get answers to all these questions and much more! Click below to listen now: http://traffic.libsyn.com/shrinkfortheshyguy/Shrink-For-The-Shy-Guy-Episode-001-What-Is-Social-Anxiety-.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 30:22 — 28.6MB) | Embed   What Is Social Anxiety? Welcome to the Shrink for the Shy Guy. I am your host Dr. Aziz, coming to you from the Center for Social Confidence here in Portland, Oregon. And I am particularly excited. Today is a monumental day because this is our first show! So whether you’re catching this and you’re with us here with number one or you found a much later episode and have worked your way back through the archives through this initial episode, this is where it all begins. So this is a particularly important show. I’m going to lay some of the foundations, some of the groundwork for what I hope to cover in this show and shows to come. And also just what the show is about, what the purpose of it is, a little about who I am – which you’ll hear a lot more about as the weeks go by. Well, let’s just start for a moment with looking at what is this show is all about. It’s called Shrink for the Shy Guy. So as you might guess, this show is for people who are shy. If you’re shy, if you’re struggling with shyness or social anxiety then this is going to be a resource for you. This is going to...
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